Effective, Supportive and Interesting:


It’s the Anger/Conflict Management Program


you’ve been waiting for!


This online course adapts to your time and convenience schedule!

By managing your anger you will dramatically improve your life!

Learn the skills you need for healthier, more effective ways to reduce conflict and express your feelings.


8-hrs: Includes explanations, exercises, videos, quizzes, final exam and Certificate of completion.

Discover new and better ways to:

  • React when you are angry
  • Cope with difficult emotions, feelings and experiences
  • Handle people who push your buttons, overstep their boundaries, abuse their power
  • Attend to warning signs in advance
  • Communicate with your co-parent and children when you’re upset
  • Behave when you feel your rage mounting
  • Co-parent more effectively and smoothly

Anger Management classes for co-parents help both men and women with anger issues, especially during and after separation or divorce when children are involved. Acting before thinking can lead to actions and behaviors you never would have taken if you were making more thoughtful, rational choices. Knowing how to manage anger can help you set limits and determine comfortable boundaries in your relationships with your co-parent and your children.

This 8-hour Anger Management course for divorcing or divorced parents provides signs to watch for in your own behavior, “red flag” warnings about problem behavior worth your attention, and a variety of tools and strategies for taking control of your feelings. It will help you find healthier ways of expressing anger, frustration and other difficult feelings – which will make for more peaceful and rewarding life experiences.

Having the ability to manage your anger and other negative emotions is especially important for co-parents facing new life challenges following a separation or divorce. Your children will thank you!

     8-hr: $99 with Certificate of completion.