Anger Management To Cope With Life Challenges

Smart Strategies for living a saner, more rewarding life!

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Anger is an emotional state that varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage. It is accompanied by various physical and biological changes. For example, when we get angry our heart rate and blood pressure go us, as do the levels of our energy hormones: adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Anger is a normal emotional response to a goal being blocked. It can be caused by both external and internal events. We can get angry at a person (boss, neighbor, in-law, etc.) or an event (traffic jam, cancelled flight, sick child. Anger can also be caused by worry about your personal problems, memories of past traumatic events or “wrongs” never righted!

We all get angry and feel anger when “triggered.” However, we always have choices regarding how we act upon those feelings. Acting before thinking can lead to mismanaged anger and heightened conflict. Once you have reacted to anger, you have allowed your feelings to control you. Too often this leads to actions and behaviors you never would have taken if you were making wiser, more rational choices — including dealing with the law, alienating friends, losing your job and other dramatic outcomes.

Knowing how to manage anger can help you set limits and determine comfortable boundaries in your relationships and interactions with others.

Feeling anger is not the same as expressing anger. The expression of anger is a CHOICE.

This course provides valuable skills, advice, strategies and insights about making better choices. It will help you find more effective ways to handle stressful situations, challenging behavior and stimulating circumstances than can trigger your anger with family, friends, supervisors, co-workers, neighbors, strangers and individuals you interact with during normal life encounters — at home, at work, during travel and on the streets.

By tapping into these skills you can achieve a happier, more peaceful and more rewarding life on all levels.


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