This list of frequently asked questions and answers have been developed by in response to the numerous requests for information we have received from our site visitors.

The answers to the questions provided in this section are general in nature and are intended to clarify any concerns you may have before signing up for a course.

  1. Who is this Anger Managment course for?
  2. I registered but I am not able to login.
  3. How much does this class cost?
  4. How do I pay?
  5. When will I receive my Certificate of Completion?
  6. I accidentally registered twice, what do I do?
  7. What happens if I am unable to finish in one sitting?
  8. Will I be able to review the materials once I complete the class?

Who is this Anger Management course for? offers an 8 hour Anger Management For Co-Parents class. You should register for this co-parenting program if you have been married or in a relationship, have children, and are in the process or have completed a divorce or separation. The course is designed for people experiencing anger issues who want to learn healthier ways of controlling their feelings, expressing their anger and living a more peaceful and rewarding life. The skills you learn will also help you better deal with supervisors, co-workers, family and friends, neighbors, authority figures and strangers.

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I registered but I am not able to log in.

If you registered but are experiencing difficulty logging in or are continually being redirected back to the log in page, try opening up a different browser such as Firefox and logging in from there. If you do not have Firefox installed, simply go to and install the free browser. It just takes a moment and it is free.

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How much does this class cost?

Your class fee includes: all online class materials, life application, quizzes, videos, final exam and Certificate of Completion. There is nothing else to pay. The 8-hour class costs $99.

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How do I pay?

When you register you can pay by credit card or through PayPal and all credit cards accepted there. If you need to pay by another method or you are experiencing difficulty, please contact us directly at [email protected].

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When will I receive my Certificate of Completion?

IMMEDIATELY! Included with all Online are your downloadable certificates. Once you complete your course you will be able to immediately download and print out your certificate. Simply log in from your “My Profile” and click on the “Get Certificate” link.

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I accidentally registered twice, what do I do?

If for some reason you accidentally registered for the class more than once, please contact our office at [email protected] for a full refund.

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What happens if I am unable to finish the class in one sitting?

The classes are self-paced and may be taken at your convenience. You have up to 30 days to complete the class. (Please Note: You are required to take the Final Exam in one sitting, but you may retake the exam as many times as necessary until you pass.)

Will I be able to review the materials once I complete the class?  will make all class materials available after you pass your final exam. To access: simply log in to your account. You will have access to all the materials, but you will not have the ability to retake the quizzes or the final exam. This is available for reference purposes only.

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Please be thoughtful…

Class materials may not be used without prior written consent.  The components of the anger management course are intended for educational purposes only. The presentation of this material is not intended to constitute mental health therapy, give information on specific mental health disorders nor medications to treat mental health disorders. Participants are encouraged to discuss specific mental health questions with a licensed mental health therapist of their choice.

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